You know it’s fall in Japan when you start to see oden in the convenient stores. And then Halloween comes and goes and then all of a sudden it’s Christmas! What? Well, it’s partly because of the fact that there’s no Thanksgiving here in Japan. Well, there is but not like the one us American’s know. Kinrokansha Day is the Japanese equivalent. It’s a day to give thanks and be grateful for our daily lives and to the people we love. In America we celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s similar to the Japanese version except ours has turkey and pumpkin pie, and lots of American football on TV! Americans go from Halloween to Thanksgiving and then to Christmas. But in Japan, down come the Halloween decorations and up go the Christmas ones. I also recently saw at 7-11 that they’re taking preorders for Christmas cakes already. I actually took our Christmas tree out today. For me, it’s just a little too early. 🌲